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No LED Lights on Hard Drives.

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No LED Lights on Hard Drives.

 We have a DL360 G5 and have recently upgraded the Array Controller to a P800 and upgraded the drives from 2 72GB 3G 10K SAS drives to 6 146GB 6G 15K SAS drives. Other than one dead battery on the new (used) controller, everything seems to be working fine.


Also, we bought 36pin to 32pin (SFF-8484 to SFF-8087) SAS to mini SAS stock cables rather than the HP ones.


Any idea why we don't have lights on the drives? Could it be the controller or the cables? I can't see it being all six drives.



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Re: No LED Lights on Hard Drives.

I was sent this info for the DL360 G6 and assume it applies to the G5 as well:


Title: HP Proliant Servers - When Connected to P800 Controller the Internal Hard Drive LEDs do not Light up on a G6 Server
Object Name: mmr_na-0261105
Document Type: Support Information
Original owner: ProLiant Servers
Disclosure level: HP and Customer Viewable
Version state: published

When using a P800 controller with internal drives in a DL380 G6 server, no LEDs light up, eventhough an array is created and all the internal hard drives are working fine.
In G6 servers, we have to make sure that the Smart Array controller P800 should only be used for external storage boxes like MSAs. The LEDs on the internal hard drives, when connected to the controller, will not light up.

With P800 controllers in G6 servers, there is no option to connect the LEDs from the harddrives to the controller and to the backplane. Therefore the light signals to the backplane and to the drives are ignored. 


My question now is can someone recommend a controller that: 


  1. Is compatible with a DL360 G5
  2. Will support the 6Gb/s SAS drives we have internally
  3. Has at least 512MB
  4. And... will fire the LEDs on the drives

Thanks in advance,



Re: No LED Lights on Hard Drives.



According to the QuickSpecs for DL360 G5, the P800 is compatible controller.
Refer to Storage section.

But if we refer to HP ProLiant DL360 Generation 5 Server Maintenance and Service Guide

There is no information about P800 cabling in the above guide.


HP Smart Array P800 Controller QuickSpecs


Have you consulted HP presales to see if the parts are compatible.



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Re: No LED Lights on Hard Drives.

Thanks for the reply. I upgraded based on the Quick Specs, and as I mentioned, everything worked fine with the exception of the lights.

Thanks for the suggestion to contact HP presales. Perhaps they can point me in the right direction for a controller that fits my needs.

Thanks gain,
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Re: No LED Lights on Hard Drives.

Do you know if the P812 will work operate the lights on the G6? What advice did presales give you?


Re: No LED Lights on Hard Drives.

Hi @NoH2O 


I just spoke with someone from our storage chat team, and they are happy to help you find what you need. You can contact them via the HP Expert Chat website. Select the last option to talk to a Servers/Storage expert. Let me know if you still need help after chatting with them!