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No Power

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No Power

I am working on a proliant pl6500r x500
I canâ t get it to boot
The problem I have is getting power to the server. It has 2 power supplies both light are on and green. And there are a few green lights on the boards.
The only light that is red is the interlock fault light.
if any one can help please email
Stressed stude

Re: No Power

If you look close at the interlock it will id which component may be failing. If that doesn't work try to reseat every part inside first and even strip it down to memory, processor, system board and power...if it still does not power up at least you know what you have left.

Good luck
ernst limbrunner
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Re: No Power

hi batman

the interlock mechanism in the 6500 with pentium 3 xeon processors checks for the saeting of the following components:

- all processor sockets must be used (if there is no cpu - a terminator board must be installed

- memory card (not the memory itself, just the card)

- io-card

- cable between systemboard and board on drive cage

please remove and reinstall all components. when inserting the cpu or terminator board do it slowly - so you can feel it connects to three different sets of contact rows.

best regards

allan mellor_1
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Re: No Power


Its been a long time since I worked on one of these machines, but if I remember correctly do you need to have the top/side panel installed for it to boot?.

We used to use Bic pen lids to insert into the interlock connections where the lid slides into.