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No boot filename received PXE-E53

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No boot filename received PXE-E53



We have a Proliant DL180G6 server on site running server 2008.  This morning it shows on screen No Boot filename Received PXE-E53 and will not boot up at all.  Can anyone give me any suggestions on how I can correct this ?

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Re: No boot filename received PXE-E53

The message indicates your server is trying to boot from network: the first step of a PXE network boot process is getting an IP address and the name of the bootloader file from the DHCP server. If the information received from the DHCP server does not include the name of the bootloader file, you'll get exactly that error message.


  • If your server is supposed to boot from network, it means your DHCP server configuration no longer supports network boot. Fix the DHCP server.
  • If your server should be booting from local disks, it means your local disks are no longer bootable and the server is trying any other boot methods that are allowed in the BIOS configuration. If your system disks were configured with RAID1 or RAID5, this means you have at least 2 failed disks, which is more than those RAID levels can handle: the data is now lost. The simplest way to recover would be to replace the failed disks, recreate the RAID configuration if necessary, and then restore the system from backups. (You *do* have backups, don't you?)