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No smartstart disk//no issue no.

James Garibaldi
Occasional Visitor

No smartstart disk//no issue no.

Hello, I inherited a proliant 3120 series server...lights out disk to resurect! The server comes on & I can run all diag.ok. No samrtstart disk! Where can I get the disk. All software gone before my time! Jimmy (
Doug Eaton_1

Re: No smartstart disk//no issue no.

Jimmy, Please check your model number, is this a proliant 3000?, I've never heard of a 3120 series, and did you mean that it has a Compaq Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition board installed? The SmartStart CD is used to configure/reconfigure the server, you get this when you purchase a server and certain other devices, so you typicaly use the one that came with the last server, it's not something Compaq/HP gives away on their web site, you will have to purchase it, which considering that it's only usable on their products, doesn't make any sense to me, but that's the way it is. If you do purchase a copy, make sure you purchase a version which supports your server and intended OS. Note: If the system partition was installed, you can access it at boot time (F10)and do most anything you might need to do, you can also download things like the array configuration utility, support for your OS, etc...