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Node Interleaving on DL385 G1

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Node Interleaving on DL385 G1

We are installing W2K3 x64 Enterprise Edition on a Dual Proc DL385 G1 and also Virtual Server 2005 R2 x64. What we are seeing is a warning message from VS stating that the following:

"Some nodes on this machine do not have local memory. This can cause virtual machines to run with degraded performance."

Investigating in the BIOS for the DL385, I found an option labeled "Enable Node Interleaving" but can find nothing on the HP support site that explains what it does beyond splitting the memory equally on all nodes. There is a warning when enabling this regarding the "OS may have issues" (or something to that effect).

I have enabled it and the warning messages in VS have gone away and the server appears to be fine. Does anyone have more info on this option and any possible caveats to enabling it?