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Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8


Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

For years we have been sourcing our own disks and carriers to put in DL320 and DL160, up through G6.  Non-HP disks have always worked GREAT.


Gen8 is more hardware-aware and I've been told disks that are NOT branded HP (with HP firmware) causes Gen8 machines to throw amber warning LEDs and errors.


True?  Any workaround?


I want to try 4x Samsung 850 PRO SSDs in a new Gen8 server, but don't want to risk $2,400 of disks only to have them not work or show amber LED warnings all the time.


What has been YOUR experience running non-HP disks in Gen8 servers?  (we have a batch of DL160 Gen8 boxes)


Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8



Gen8 and Gen9 servers work with HP branded/firmware disks or memory mobules.

Benefits and Features of HP SmartDrive for HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers


Older Generation drives or memory modules are not compatible with Gen8 or Gen9 servers.



Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

So if they aren't purchased from HP, they won't work?


If I buy Kingston memory, it won't work in Gen8 servers?


If I buy Seagate SAVVIO or Samsung PRO model SSD disks, they won't work in Gen8 servers?


In all previous generations, NOT buying an HP branded part meant we might not get AS MUCH monitoring and reporting function. 

But I can't believe that HP is now FORCING us to use ONLY HP-branded memory and disks, else the servers either won't work or will throw warnings and errors.


I've been a LOYAL HP buyer for more than a decade, but this hard-line mandatory purchase requirements are going to make me take another look at other brands.


On top of it, the PRICING has gone nuclear.  Look at the price of a G6, then a Gen8, and now Gen9.  MANY MULTPLES higher just for the chassis with RAID controller, minimal amount of RAM, and NO disks.


What is HP thinking???

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Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

The second post is utter nonsense, and I would have expected better than that crap from a supposed HP employee.

3rd party disks work just fine in the Gen8's, if you do a quick google you will see Intel DC series SSDs work great, and the temp sensors all report back as you would expect, and of course using the G8 carriers everything comes up as normal.

People HAVE reported problems with Samsung 840Pro SSDs, whether its the temp sensor or anything else I do not know.

All I know is that Im putting Intel DC series SSD in G8 carriers, and I expect it to function perfectly.


Its the G8 carriers that have the extra circuitry to drive the silly rotating LEDs on the front, and if you look at a picture of one you can see the extra pinouts at the back which make contact with the backplane when plugged in.



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Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

When you have non HP memory in the Gen8 (not sure about a Gen9), you do get all kinds of warnings during POST, and if you have ILO set to email you, it "helpfully" emails you, a separate email, about each non-HP mem module or drive.  Thanks for the server spam.


With non-HP memory, certain features are disabled like you can't run certain mem configurations at a higher speed (like when you have 2 modules per channel).  As mentioned, non HP drives don't show the little spinning drive access LED on the front of the carrier, and it says something about other things disabled, but I'm not sure what.


I agree that HP "employees" should not be passing out false information about non-HP memory/disks not working at all.  they *do* work, it's just that HP will annoy you about it and disable features.  Which is kind of patronizing.


Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

Thanks T_1_6 and waaronb, that almost restores my faith in HP.  It would be evil to deliberately disable features for no other reason than lack of HP branding.


I've been a loyal HP server buyer for 10+ years but was looking at Supermicro, thinking HP had crippled the servers to prevent aftermarket RAM and HDs.


If anybody has tried the Samsung 850 Pro, how did they work out?


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Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

For some people it works fine, for some it's nothing but trouble.
All I know is that we get people on the phone on a weekly basis with issues caused by non-HP optional parts.
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Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

But are these "non-HP optional parts" quality components like Kingston memory and latest-version Samsung Pro SSDs? 


Or are they cheap whitebox components that have no place in a professional grade server?

Big difference.  And you're doing a disservice to your customers by not differentiating, and making blanket statements that may (or may not) apply.

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Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

leaving the joke about HP making professional grade servers aside,


we have quite some Generation8 servers and they do work for us with all sorts of 3rd party quality components almost without issues - the one i have on mind is with some Hitachi 300GB SAS drives giving us headakes and we just simply dont use them.


Samsung SSDs (830Pro and 840Pro) work without problems. Did not test 850Pro yet.

OFC make sure your firmare is up to date as there have been some changes in them regarding this issue.




Re: Non-HP Branded disks in DL160 Gen8

@leahpar wrote:

leaving the joke about HP making professional grade servers aside,


Samsung SSDs (830Pro and 840Pro) work without problems. Did not test 850Pro yet.




I'm curious about your opinion on HP servers not being pro grade.  My own experience with racks full of HP servers has been excellent.  Compare that to 3 racks full of Dell servers we managed for a customer at $DAYJOB, which had numerous hardware issues requiring warranty replacement.


Re. the 830 and 840 Pros, specifically with Gen 8 servers--  do the disk carrier LEDs work correctly?  I don't care about a "non-HP" warning during BIOS POST, but I don't want amber warning LEDs (just because of non-HP firmware) or LEDs that do not light up at all.