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Non Pageable RAM - Memory Usage

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Non Pageable RAM - Memory Usage


We have a HP ML350 G6 with Windows 2008 Standard installed with the Role Terminal Server. The server has two 2.27GHz processors and 24GB of memory. Currently there are 30 to 40 users active on the Server. Sometimes the server has performance issues and our monitoring tool/windows resource tool says there is no NON-Pageable RAM available. I’m not sure if this problem is within the hardware or software but most forums point out to memory leaks, device driver issues.. it something like a blackhole?

Hopefully there are some forum readers that have any experience regarding this issue and can help me freeing some NON-Pageable RAM?


Edgar Zapata
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Re: Non Pageable RAM - Memory Usage


Virtual memory set up.
You have to configure your servers' virtual memory to 1.5 physical RAM.
You set the same value for both initial RAM and maximum size to prevent pagefile fragmentation.
In your case, you should set both values to 3 GB. Preferably at a different disk the OS is at.

You can do this here to determine if there is a memory leak.
check if you have either one of these entries at your system log.
Event ID 2019 or 2020. these indicate system degradation.

One likely reason you're being told it might be a driver issue is because the kernel manages device drivers routines at the non-pageable memory address range pool.

Hope this helps.