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Non-enhanced (old) blade enclosure query

Andy Hughes_3
Occasional Visitor

Non-enhanced (old) blade enclosure query


We have an old blade enclosure here of the non-enhanced variety, using 2 x Patch Panel 2 at back. I need to buy some new blades for it, however noticed that HP now only make the enhanced enclosure, and say that 'some' blades may require the new enhanced enclosure to run. I see that the ILO is now cosolidated into one port on the back (should have always been this way!) and you get 4xNICs. At the moment we have individual ILO ports and 3xNICs as per the old enclosures design.

My question is can I use a new blade (4xNIC/1xILO) in this old enclosure, as this seems to be the only type of BL20p you can now buy? It's no problem if 1 of the NICs isn't available due to the routing of the backplane. Anyone tried this?

Steven Clementi
Honored Contributor

Re: Non-enhanced (old) blade enclosure query


Any chance you can upgrade the enclosure? If I remember correctly, the backplane is upgradeable and I think HP sells a kit to do it, or at least used to.

As for your situation, I think the bl20 will work just fine. If you wanted to use BL30's, I believe you need the new enclosure features.

I haven't touchedany blades in about a year or a little more so I could be out-of-date.

Steven Clementi
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Oleg Koroz
Honored Contributor

Re: Non-enhanced (old) blade enclosure query

Note: Server Blade Enclosure Upgrade Kit (354100-B21) contains the enhanced backplane components and enables a field upgrade of existing server blade enclosures to support all p-Class server blades and provide a single, physical iLO port for the enclosure