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Not authenticated

Christian Schmetz
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Not authenticated


I have installed SSD Kingston on DL360 G9.

This drive is not authenticated, i can understand...

I would like that the led amber on front of the server don't blink ... 

Is it possible to disable this alarm?

Thanks a lot in advance.



Re: Not authenticated


The alarm is working as designed, i think its not possible to disable an alarm, it may cause issues when some other hardware goes bad and there would be no alarm.

Thank You!
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Re: Not authenticated

I think that is related with the tray Version. What Raid controller are you using in this system?

If I am not mistaken you have two options:

1. replace the tray/carrier for a newer version (I think above

2. Downgrade the Raid Controller firmware to disable that warning. I can not remember the right version you need to use.


Let me know, thanks

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Re: Not authenticated

Did you install the SSD with an original HP frame or not?
I have tried the same and when the SSDs (Samsung) are installed with an HP disk frame, the "not authenticated" error will diappear.

We first used some "after market" frames (probably chinese copies) that produced the same error. Then I replaced the frames with some from defective drives (original HP) and it worked.

If you just want to get rid of the yellow LED indicator, you could try to put some insulating tape over the frame contacts. This will disable all LEDs.

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