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Not displaying correct memory in OS

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Andy Brown_3
Occasional Contributor

Not displaying correct memory in OS

I have a Proliant 8500R which has 4Gb of memory in it in 4 banks of 512Dimms. In bios it is displaying the correct amount of memory but if you do a snapshot it only says there is only 3.25Gb installed.

OS is windows server.

Any ideas would be helpfull as running a arge database on this box and it has lots of errors in the event log and has to be rebooted every couple of days.

Re: Not displaying correct memory in OS

What´s your OS???

Well i think that you have to install the latest agents and firmware to that server model, but i need to now you OS.
Or go to this link have all the updates taht you need.

Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: Not displaying correct memory in OS


It can be OS dependent.
Check at the post what is the information shared in memory test.
or else refer to this docs from MS;en-us;283037&Product=winsvr2003

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Trusted Contributor

Re: Not displaying correct memory in OS

There is a known issue where in the Memory reported is 256 MB less incase 4GB is installed and it is not an issue exactly but is as per design.

It can be seen on link below:

Also,PCI Devices do have some memory reserved for mapping...

Below article helps to determine Memory Allocation In A ProLiant Server With PCI Device Support And At Least 4-GB Of System Memory.

So i think 3.25 GB visible in OS is not an issue but is as per design.