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Note to Those Posting Questions!

Kimberly Ann
Honored Contributor

Note to Those Posting Questions!

Hi All,

I'd like to welcome everyone once again to the ITRC Forums, and at the same time point out one feature that has made these forums truly great in the way of community.

When you post a question and receive replies to your question, you can return to rate each response on a scale of 0-10. Rating replies recognizes your peers for their help, and alerts others of possible solutions to similar problems they may be having. Assiging points also encourages those longstanding members of the community to continue helping you!

If you login to the ITRC and you return to your Forums question, you???ll see a dropdown menu of points next to each reply. Click the menu arrow button and select the points you wish to assign to the reply. After you???ve rated each response, click the blue "submit" button at the bottom left of the page. The "unassigned" text will disappear from each response that you have rated.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged in to the ITRC points menu to appear next to each unrated reply.

You can rate (on a scale of 0-10) each response you have received. Please use the following scale when rating each response:

0: The answer was simply a point of clarification to my original question
1- 3: The answer didn't really help answer my question but thanks for your assistance!
4- 7: The answer helped with a portion of my question, but I still need more help.
8-10: The answer has solved my problem completely! Now I'm a happy camper!

Thanks for your participation in the Forums and your help in assigning points to those who have repied to your message.

Best Regards,
Forums Manager