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Notification for drive failure on MSA

Occasional Contributor

Notification for drive failure on MSA

We've got a DL 380 G4 running Windows 2008 R2 that is attached to a MSA 1500 thru fibre channel. The MSA is prone to drive failures, so we need to get some kind of notifications set up to let us know when a drive fails.

I've tried installing the software from the Smartstart 8.6 cd and the MSA 1500 software support cd, but they both give me the same issue. HPSUM.EXE runs (in task manager), but it never opens a window.

I'm remote to the server and I thought this may be due to connecting using RDP (seen this issue with Backup Exec), but I connected in using VNC with the same result.

Is the software I need on one of these CDs, and if so, why would HPSUM not open it's window?

- Marc
Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: Notification for drive failure on MSA

The HP Insight Manager should allow you to setup e-mail notification for hardware failure.

My MSA 1000 did not fail drives that often maybe 3 in 7 years. I would upgrade the firmware on the drives, controller, and MSA. What is the temperature in the server room and check the power to the MSA. A drop in power could cause the drive to drop and report as failure.
Graeme Bray
Regular Advisor

Re: Notification for drive failure on MSA

We had some issues with detecting and monitoring the MSA1000 through HP SIM and required that we installed the SMI-S provider, but I can't seem to find that on HP's website.

Have you tried using the WBEM agents to see if it can detect and monitor the drives?