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Novell Upgrade on ML350 G1

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Novell Upgrade on ML350 G1

We are upgrading a clients server from 4.11 to 5.1 on an ml350 G1. Can we just use the existing drivers setup finds for the RAID, tape ect? We tested it on an old server and it seems to work.

If not what needs to be done?

Many thanks in advance.

Bill Valaski

Re: Novell Upgrade on ML350 G1

From what I recall when I performed the updates on my servers from 4.11 to 5.1, the Novell installer should automatically find all the correct (updated) drivers. One "gotcha" to watch out for is that the Installer (which changes from the old DOS C-Worthy interface to Java) needs to be patched in order to work smoothly.

Go to and type in "proliant upgrade" to find the specific recommendations. Something you might also want to do is upgrade the system BIOS prior to upgrading Netware.

Good Luck!