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Nt4.0-All drives solid hang mystery

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Nt4.0-All drives solid hang mystery

NT4.0 sp6a scsi 18.2's
Server was fine for many months. One day it locked up.
All drive lights stay solid. unc access unavailable. Can still ping though.
It was believed a service was causing this(quotas,backup agents ,etc)
Compaq replaced both cpu's,MB,ram,back planes, etc...

Problem wasn't hardware. Still crashed. Wasn't until a service was started of some sort before it happened again.

several months go by
Present day-
System locked up again. When I say locked I mean everyone looses access and all drives are lit up solid. You must turn the beast off.

I'm wondering what program can show me exactly whats happening to make the system panic like this. CPQ MGR shows no errors.

Opinions? Do you think it's a service? Firmware? Hardware?
Has anyone seen this before?

Has anyone seen this while running specific applications?


Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: Nt4.0-All drives solid hang mystery

Seems like a Software issue more then a HW issue. Please update the system bios and firmware version of Array controller if you have any just to eliminate the obvious.