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Nvidia 1080Ti on a Gen10 server?

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Nvidia 1080Ti on a Gen10 server?

Through a bit of a mixup, I am in possession of a quantity of Nvidia 1080Ti GPUs that I need to install in servers. These cards are 111.15mm x 266.70mm in size and is dual-slot, same as a Nvidia Tesla P100 card. One major difference is that the 1080Ti has two power connectors on the top of the card while the P100 has a single connector on the end of the card. The other major difference is that HPE supports the P100 and does not support the 1080Ti.

Has anybody successfully installed the 1080Ti in a Gen10 server? My preference would put 2-3 cards in a DL380 but I'm open to other options. I know that I will not get HPE support on the cards, nor will they guarantee that the cards will work. If they physically fit and are similar to supported Nvidia cards then I may take my chances.


Re: Nvidia 1080Ti on a Gen10 server?


I am not sure whether 1080ti will work, rather i would suggest to use the compatible graphics adapters.

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