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OBDR and DL 380 G4

Stefano Bracco
Occasional Visitor

OBDR and DL 380 G4

I have just bought a DL 380 G4.
We installed Linux RH AS 3 and it was perfect.
We have also a tape (DAT 72 Hot Plug from HP) installed and it is working with the OBDR Option, so we decided to test this option (that is very useful).
We have done a full image of the Linux (using the TapeWare product included), then I tested the Disanster and Recover.
I pressed the button (both the lights started to blink), I put the tape into the drive, it started the Caldera OS, formarmatted the partition, but then I have a screen with the request for another tape to recover. the only tape I have it the tape that is in. I press F10 and nothing happens!!

So, it seems the OBDR is not working properly after the first phase.

Do you have any idea of the reason? someone tested the OBDR before to deliver to customers with TapeWare.

Please let me know!

Thanks in advance.