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OS Problem After Try to Install PSP 8.15A

Kenny Loo
Occasional Visitor

OS Problem After Try to Install PSP 8.15A

i installed the last storport driver and I tried to install the latest PSP 8.15A, some how while the installation PSP 8.15A it hang at installing 1GB NIC driver. I wait for 20min still no activity then I stop the installation and reboot my machine. After that I try run the installation again and same scenario happen, it hang at the same stage. I have to cancel it and reboot as instruction of the setup. The 3rd time I try to install, I remove the 1GB NIC driver and select other driver to install, it hang at installing fiber channel driver. I have to reboot again and I call HP to ask for assist.

HP support asks me to unteam my NIC, follow instruction given and retry install PSP and fail again. Reboot server and HP support advice to install update 1 by 1. When I wanted to team back my NIC it failed. Tried reboot few time and team back the NIC and it failed. Now my current cluster is only running on 1 active node. Server network not able to bring back because of the teaming.

I’ve logged case to HP and engineer is on site with me now but seems still no idea how to team it back, roll back all driver and try to install back also can't open NCU to do teaming. Please help! Thanks!