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OS occasionally hangs

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

OS occasionally hangs

Our 1850R running Solaris 8 hangs at random intervals, about 10 or 15 days apart. The screen shows something like this:

bad trap type=e (page fault)
rp=fec0c258 addr=2e
module "unix" null pointer dereference

The syslog never shows anything at the time of the crash, it just stops.

Any ideas or troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks in advance.
- Dale
Sunil Jerath
Honored Contributor

Re: OS occasionally hangs

Please make sure that you have updated the Sys Bios and the firmware version of the Array controller if any you may have in the Server. If you need further assistance please contact our Technical Support at 1-800-652-6672.