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Odd DL380 teaming problem

Rich Engelhardt
Occasional Visitor

Odd DL380 teaming problem

I have two DL380 generation 1 servers.
They were purchased with a MAS 500 as a cluster package.
They have been replaced with newer servers, reformatted and Windows 2003 R2 Standard Edition loaded onto one of them to use as a second domain controller and a tape backup server.

When I team the NIC's, I get a cable disconnected error message.
When I break the team, each individual NIC works fine.

I loaded the server with Smart Start ver 7.0 and then updated all the drivers/software by downloading the most recent versions from the HP website. Nothing seems to help.

My question is, since these DL380's were part of a cluster package, is there some firmware or something that's preventing teaming the NICs?
Originally, one NIC was dedicated to a heartbeat.
TIA for any help.
Srinivas Suddapalli
Frequent Advisor

Re: Odd DL380 teaming problem

Hi Rich,

Normally the issues in teaming is due to incompatibility between driver and utility software used.

You can try updating firmware for the server along with the utility software and driver for network card to isolate the issue.

Srinivas S