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Old DL145 (G1) with noise problem

Luis Gómez

Old DL145 (G1) with noise problem

I have an old DL145 G1 with Windows 2003. The level of noise is very high. The firmware is the last version available. Is there some driver to check teperature level and slow down the fans?

I remember a problem with DL360 G1 and it was necesary change the power cable to every fan with other from Compaq with a resistor.

Honored Contributor

Re: Old DL145 (G1) with noise problem


you mean you have the Firmware Maintenance CD 7.4 version?

have you tried reseating the Fans?

check that

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Re: Old DL145 (G1) with noise problem

By design, these old servers the DL14x series make a lot of noise even when operating under normal conditions.

When did you notice this? Is this noise the same as let's say a year ago? If this is something that came "out of nothing" What was changed either in the SW/HW/FW in this box prior to the "issue"?

I'm pretty sure this is a normal condition that will not affect the server's performance. Now if the server was not that loud in the past. How is the environment? Is the server in a cooled server room with proper airflow? Is there something blocking the air?


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