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Old Proliant 6500 - Strange Problems!

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Old Proliant 6500 - Strange Problems!

Hello -
I have recently purchased an old Pentium Pro-based Proliant 6500 from eBay. I wondered if anyone had pointers on:

1.) disabling the power on password
2.) And this: When the machine starts, the lights on the hard-drives flicker briefly and then go out - then the machine goes through its normal bootup process, gets to the 2DH array controller and finds no drives, and then no scsi items are dicscoverd. The drives indicate no activity (i.e., after the brief flicker as the machine is turned on, there is no indication by lights activity or otherwise that the drives are known to the machine).

--- Would this be an array card problem?
--- A drive cage power problem?
--- Something else?

Anyone's insight would be greatly appreciated.

Ray Harrison
Mark Cloutier
Respected Contributor

Re: Old Proliant 6500 - Strange Problems!

To disable the password you will need to open the case and on the feature board (video input). Please turn switch number 5 on and boot up. Also please turn on switch number 6. This will clear your NVRAM and might help with the 2DH to detect the drives. Please make sure there is a SCSI cable going from the drive cage directly to the 2DH. If there is nothing plugged into the on-board SCSI ports you will get no SCSI devices detected.
Keep me posted.
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