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On DL380 server

Lloyd Lin
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On DL380 server

I have a W2K3 server install, after the insatllation, I keep getting the error message,
SNMP Trap: 3046

Date time: 09/05/2009 01:54:19 PM
Computer: WWFSVR17
Source: Storage Agents
Type: Error
Category: (4)

A 'Physical Drive Status Change' trap signifies that the agent has detected a change in the status of a drive array physical drive.

IDA Physical Drive Status 'FAILED'
Drive Type 2
Location 'SCSI Port 2 Drive 2'
Error Code 12
Bus # 2
Controller Slot # 2
Model 'COMPAQ BD03664553 '
Serial Number '3FD0RF4H00002238BPFH'
Firmware Revision '3B07'

the hard disk light shows green without any alarts, and array control also got disabled each time when it happens.

Please help!
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Re: On DL380 server

Go in the ACU and check the status of all the physical disks and all the arrays and logical disks.