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Onboard HP SSA Loading - Stuck on HP logo

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Onboard HP SSA Loading - Stuck on HP logo


I have a HP DL360 G9 server with HP P440AR raid controller. Raid controller is running firmware 1.18 and BIOS is running on ROM P89.

When trying to get into the onboard HP SSA (F9) or Intelligent Provisioning (Press F10), the embedded firefox browser launches and the HP logo appears - it does not proceed beyond that.

I launched a Virtual Serial console session to view the error messages and "error: no such device: HPEZCD201." appeared - I googled this and it seemed related to the server unable to output dedicated GPU cards. However this issue occurs with both a physical monitor connected and when trying with iLO remote console.

I have also tried multiple screen resolutions.

ANy ideas on this please?

Many thanks

Jimmy Vance

Re: Onboard HP SSA Loading - Stuck on HP logo

Could be an issue with the Intelligent Provisioning software/partition. Download the IP Recovery Image and re-install Intelligent Provisioning

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