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One Disk on RAID 5 Predictive Failure

Khoi D Nguyen
Occasional Visitor

One Disk on RAID 5 Predictive Failure

Hello everyone,

I got an alert message this morning saying "PREDICTIVE FAILURE" on one of my physical disk. It also gives me the bay#, port#...

I'm ordering the exact type disk but wondering if anyone experienced this before? Can I hot swap the bad one with this new one? Does it rebuild the RAID by itself or do I need to do anything? The server is ML 370 G3. Array Controller is 642 with version
Patrick Terlisten
Honored Contributor

Re: One Disk on RAID 5 Predictive Failure


the controller has detectet a predictive failure on that drive. This can be a value that is out of range, for example a growing number of bad sectors.

You can swap the old disk against the new disks. The rebuild will begin automatically.

Best regards,
Best regards,