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One time boot from USB memory stick

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One time boot from USB memory stick

I have about 17 DL380G6 servers I look after which are running VMWare ESXi v4.1 from memory sticks inserted into the internal USB socket.

I want to perform some updates on the firmware, for which I have a bootable USB stick with the Firmware Maintenance DVD 9.10C installed.

The problem is that I cannot find a BIOS boot order setting, or startup device (F11) option that allows me to discriminate between the internal USB bootable device and the external one I wish to boot from temporarily.

Is there a way to choose between memory sticks for a one time boot, or is this a failing in the BIOS that cannot be worked around, resulting in me having to remove all these machines from the rack? The machines do not have optical drives fitted before anyone suggests it!
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Re: One time boot from USB memory stick

Don't have the golden solution for you.
Only a suggestion.

Some years ago I had to replace a bad disk 0 in a Windos SW mirror on a Proliant ML330 with no FDD.

It treatet my USB mem as a HDD.
And I found that I could change the HDD order.

Don't look in the boot order.
You will have to look for "Drive" order.

If you got the advanced ILo licens, you could mount a virtual image.

Buy a bootable USB DVD.