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Optimizing usable disk on DL320

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Optimizing usable disk on DL320

I have a DL320 with (4) 1 TB SATA drives, using HP SmartArray E200 RAID controller. Drives are configured in a RAID 5 configuration with a 256K stripe. Server will provide archival storage of very large VMware ESX image snapshots replicated from an ESX server.

Server will be running Windows Server 2003 R2 64-bit. OS partition is 50 GB.

After installing Windows, I went to create 2 more partitions. Windows shows 2 chunks of unallocated space as expected - one space is 1998 GB (due to the 2 TB limit), and the other is the remaining 746 GB.

What I was not expecting is to see that Windows will not let me create a partition on the 746 GB unallocated space. The option is unavailable. I can create the ~2 TB partition, but can not make use of the second unallocated space.

So how do I make use of this remaining 746 GB?

Lesley Persyn
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Re: Optimizing usable disk on DL320

Verify that you SmartArray E200 firmware version is at least 1.66. Higher version supports +2tb. Try to update to latest because some improvements about RW issue's.
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Re: Optimizing usable disk on DL320

Thank you for your suggestion. I checked, and the firmware ver is 1.82, which appears to be the latest available on the support page.

I don't think it's a limitation of the controller, though, since the ACU was able to create a logical drive for Windows to allocate space from during install (that's the 50 GB I created during install) and that logical was nearly 3 TB.

The issue I think is that now that Windows is installed and I want to create additional storage partitions, I can create a 2 TB partition, but will not let me do anything with the remaining 746 GB.

Attached screen shot shows "New Partition..." grayed out in Disk Management.