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Oracle 8i OPS on ML370

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Oracle 8i OPS on ML370

Can Oracle 8i parellel server be used on a 2 node cluster using 2 x ML370 and a StorageWorks RAID array 4100 using fibre channel, i see form the information about PDC/O2000 & PDC/O5000 there is no mention of the ML370. (most servers mentioned seem to be retired products)
also if this is a valid solution is Win2K advanced server required ? and what additional components / drivers are required for the Operating system dependant layer ?


Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Oracle 8i OPS on ML370

The ML 370 is not certified for use with OPS 8i. W2K Adavnced Server is required for OPS, and also the appropriate OSD's that are included in the PDC/O2000 Cluster Kit. However, since the ML 370 is not a supported server, you will not be able to get support from either HP (CPQ) or Oracle. I would suggest using a different server, such as the ProLiant DL 380 G2.

One of the reasons that the certified server list shows older servers is that both Oracle 8i and the RA4100 are previous generation products. We have shifted our efforts to the next generation of storage, the MSA 1000, and also to the next version of Oracle, which is 9i Real Application Clusters (RAC).

So the bottom line is that you may be able to get the ML 370's to work, but it will not be an officially suported configuration.