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Oracle config performance


Oracle config performance

I am currently at a site that is having Oracle disk i/o performance issue. The current config is a DL380 G4 (3 years old) with 6 146GB 10k RPM scsi disks in a raid 5 array.

The array has 2 partitions. 1st partition has the OS (Server 2003) install. The second partition has the Oracle install, Oracle DB, Oracle transaction logs, and a application called Costpoint. This application is what the database is mainly for. However, there are several other apps on other machines and Integrated Web Reports that access this database.

A few months back user and application guys reported the system is slow. This was the same time another application and more users started accessing this data. We have no issues with CPU, memory or network utilization. Oracle STATPAK reports some slow disk i/o.

The system is supposed to be replaced and software upgraded late in Q4. They want some immediate solutions. I am recommending a rebuild.

2 x 146GB Raid 1 - OS, Oracle install, Costpoint app install and Oracle transaction logs
4 x 146 Raid 1 - Oracle database

Does anyone out there have experience or can give me an estimate of what performance increase this might give. Is it worth doing to help us out until a new server can be installed? Any other config recommended?