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Overheated Servers

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Overheated Servers

We recently suffered a failed Air con Unit in our Server room, as a result the room was exposed to exceptional high temperatures, so much so that the fire alarm was trigged,
All machines have since been shut down and allowed to cool down naturally
my question is has anyone experienced this and where can I find out the impact this will have on my servers? machines affected are DL360, 380 G4 and G5s
Any help would be appreciated
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: Overheated Servers

If "ASR Thermal Shutdown" was enabled then the systems would have gracefully shutdown before any problems happened. If not, then in the absence of observable physical damage (if the fire alarms triggered, unless they were at a very low level, the first thing I'd look for is any evidence of plastics--bezel, internal guides--liquefaction) the biggest issue could be data corruption.