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P2000 SAS Nightmare

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P2000 SAS Nightmare

I have setup a couple of P2000 SAS SANs using hyper v cluster over last few years perfectly fine.

However I am setting one up at the moment:

1x HP P2000 SAS SAN (Dual Controller)
2x HP ProLiant DL380 G6 Servers (with 2012 R2)

SAS HBA Card is LSI SAS2 2008 (HP branded - H211)

MPIO Installed to take advantage of the dual paths.

All servers, storage and windows are bang up to date, all recommended updates installed for clustering.


I am having a nightmare with performance, when accessing the CSV Shares I can get a long delay/timeouts/CSVs disappearing.

Checking the logs I see I/O errors saying CSV has gone offline.......event log complaining with c00000b5 error

If I copy a large file say a VHDX file to the CSV it will quite happily copy across until it gets to the very end of the copy progress sits there, timeout and I get a Not Responding.....CSV drive it's copying too goes offline!

I have ran the Cluster validation a few times and everything comes back perfectly, no warnings or errors.

I've installed every windows update under the sun with this

I've ran the SAN on standalone (SAS cable to Server) when copying files to the drive it copys then stalls, then hangs, then gives up

Anyone else had this?

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Re: P2000 SAS Nightmare

look at my nightmare too


do you have anything to share