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P212 ZM does not see MSA70 array

jeff kilpatrick
Occasional Visitor

P212 ZM does not see MSA70 array

have this card installed in 585G7; SAS connection to an MSA70 filled with 300G disks. During the POST, the following error message appears:

1746 Error Message Error Message: 1746-Slot z Drive Array - Unsupported Storage Connection Detected...

...SAS connection via expander is not supported on this controller model. Access to all storage has been disabled. Upgrade controller or detach the expander based storage connections.

Looking at documentation, I don't see any restrictions on this card, the firmware on the 212 card has been updated to v3.56. The 585 BIOS has been updated to the latest version.

Do I need the P212 with the on board memory?