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P212 hangs on "Initializing"

Giovani Moda
Occasional Contributor

P212 hangs on "Initializing"

Hello all.

I'm currently having some issues while trying to get a P212 Smart Array Controller to work on my brand new ML110 G6. Let me lay it down for you:

- P212 firmware v3.30 installed on PCI-e x16 slot
- Works fine as long as I don't insert a memory module
- When a cache module is inserted, it hangs on "Initializing" for a long time. Afterwards, it returns an error "Expansion Rom Not Initialized - PCI Mass Storage Controller in Slot 4" and waits for F1 to resume.
- I've already ran HP SmartUpdate DVD 9, no updates found to be applied.

I suspect I may have got a faulty memory module, but is there any way to be sure? ACU doesn't even recognizes the controller if I ignore the errors on boot after the memory module is inserted, so I can't run any diagnostics.

Any hints?

Andy Piontek
Occasional Visitor

Re: P212 hangs on "Initializing"

Earlier today, I built a ML110 with a P212 controller. In exactly the same way, I saw the hanging and updated the firmware with the same result. I don't think this is a memory module issue as I don't have one installed.

Noteworthy: I replaced the machine with a duplicate (and duplicate controller). I'm now seeing the hanging during 'initializing' but i'm not brave enough (don't have yet another G6 lying around) to update the firmware.

I reckon this latest firmware has delivered a 'hot-shot'. Until another correction exists, i'm just going to tolerate the issue on reboot.
Giovani Moda
Occasional Contributor

Re: P212 hangs on "Initializing"

Just for closing, it was in fact a faulty cache module. Adter replacing it, everything started working. Thanks HP for the fast resolution.