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P222 The cache is permanently disabled.

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P222 The cache is permanently disabled.



We've got new HP server and install new P222 controller.

There was power outage and after I turn on the server everething was os -  there was no error or alert on ACU main screen, no errors during boot. But I found error on controller information screen - "The cache is permanently disabled".


In ADU Rep in "Cache Config Status" section I see:


Cache Flags 0x00010204

Position Cache Flag Status

-  Permanently Disabled         -           Warning

-  Max Dirty Cache Lines Not Flushed Reached         -           Warning

-  Flash Backed Cache Module Attached          -           Informational


Is it possible to clear this warning?

Is it possible to run some kind of cache test?


P.S. Latest firmware installed, Moving to another slot - no luck ... Moving to another server - same problem.


P.P.S.. I found same problem in forum history, but in my case - adjusting the percent of the read/write cache in ACU didn't help.




Re: P222 The cache is permanently disabled.



In this scenario, the issue could be with controller firmware or the cache itself.

Disconnect the cache module and test only with controller.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: P222 The cache is permanently disabled.



We've got 2 controllers, and seems that this is a mememory problem...


But the thing is - i don't think it a real problem.


Seems like the capasitor was not fully charged, and when the power goes down, therу was not enough power in capasitor to write everething to flash.

So i thought if i charge capasitor, warning go away, but it didn't.