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Re: P2V software removal

Robert Blazye
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P2V software removal


Does anyone know how to remove the HP Proliant System Shutdown Service and the HP Proliant System Management Interface Driver?

We performed a P2V migration from a DL380 to a virtual box on ESX 3.02. We uninstalled all of the HP software from Add/Remove in Control Panel but this has remained. The former is currently disabled but I've no idea what state the latter is in because I can't actually find it in the services list only the registry.

The server is running Windows 2003.

Any clues much appreciated.

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Re: P2V software removal


Would this scripted solution be any use?

I hope this helps,

Joshua Small_2
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Re: P2V software removal

A "driver" is always just an installed device, the difficulty is you can't see it by default once it's not there. Try following these steps:

I'd hazard a guess you'll find quite a number of missing (ghosted) devices there. Right click->uninstall them.
Robert Blazye
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Re: P2V software removal

I think it'll have to be a registry edit to remove the device since I can't get it to appear in device manager.

Thanks for the input guys.