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P400 RAID5 array expansion

Francesco Stupazzoni
Occasional Contributor

P400 RAID5 array expansion


I have a DL360 with a P400 controller with 4 HD that make up one logical drive with no hot spares. If I add two disks, I can expand the array, but does this require reformatting or the logical drive capacity will increase and data will be preserved?

Sorry for the dumb question, but I don't know the answer and I haven't found any answer googling around.

Thanks in advance


Honored Contributor

Re: P400 RAID5 array expansion


no that does not require to reformat your previous logical drive.

just Insert the new 2 HDD you will the EXPAND option in ACU(array configuration utility) you add the new HDDs to the logical driver (takes some time) after that you will get option EXTEND and continue

I attached a PDF that explains it all
it's another controller but procedure it's the same and you can do it online while server is in production

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Rob Buxton
Honored Contributor

Re: P400 RAID5 array expansion

You also need to think about the OS. e.g. for Windows if you want to extend the disk look at diskpart. Also note you can't extend windows disks with the OS or Pagefiles on.