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P400 and firmware 6.86 problems


P400 and firmware 6.86 problems

I have a DL180 G5 with a P400 that started failing Seagate Enterprise Sata drives after updating the p400 to v6.86. Even when the drives weren't showing up as failing, the server would blue screen or freeze up. I pulled the Seagate drives after updating the drive firmware didn't help(yes, they are not hp-branded), and replaced with HP-branded drives and all problems cleared up. I had been running that server in the original configuration for well over a year with no problems.

Now I have a DL320s with a P400 that I updated to v6.86 that locked up. After reboot I found hours of repetitions of this log entry- "HpCISSs2 - Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort0, was issued". The major RAID on that device is composed of WD 2tb drives (non-hp branded). After the reboot it seems okay, but I'm afraid I'll start to hit lock-ups like I did on my other server.

Has anyone else had problems with firmware 6.86 and non-HP drives? All my servers worked great with non-HP drives until the firmware upgrade. I know HP would like you to use their drives only, but there are situations where cost or capacity means going with non-hp drives.
Ulf Zimmermann
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Re: P400 and firmware 6.86 problems

I updated a DL360 g5 with P400i to 6.86. End of September one of the 72GB SAS 10K single port drives got replaced (with a dual port drive which is labled as if it is a single port). Then 2 days ago I did some more I/O on the server (windows updates) and it destroyed the RAID6. Replaced back plane, still same problems. Replaced controller which came with 5.20 firmware and reinstalled Windows for the 4. time. Was ok for 3-4 hours, then did firmware upgrade to 6.86 and next reboot again 1 of 4 drives was labled as needing recovery (only 1 this time, previous times it was always 3).

I also see in the ACU that only the drive in Bay 1 shows PHY speed while the other 3 slots only show unknown. I am starting to suspect the firmware at this point.