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P400 configuration

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P400 configuration

I have a DL 380 G5 with 2 P400 controllers. The way the server is cofigured all drives are on one controller. 8 physical drives. What I want is 4 logical drives

2 logical on 1 physical
1 logical on 3 physical
1 logical on 4 physical

My question is is it more optimal to split the drives on the controllers?

Also should you keep logical drive on drives in the same port (cage)

thanks for your time.
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Re: P400 configuration


I think is a good idea to split the logical units between he 2 controllers

in that way 1 controller will handle 2 logical and the other 1 logical in that way the HDD activity will be much better

it is much better having a controller handling 2 logical units that handling 3 logical units

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