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P410 Replace failing drive while rebuilding

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P410 Replace failing drive while rebuilding

Our server has a raid 5 array with a drive that is failing.  We ordered a replacement drive but the array automatically started rebuilding with the original failing drive.  Our replacement drive has arrived but the array is still rebuilding.  Do I need to wait for it to finish rebuilding or can I just pull the failing drive while its rebuilding?

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Re: P410 Replace failing drive while rebuilding

If you have one array with RAID 5 at least you have 3 HD´s, you can test what is happening with Smart Start, booting from CD and using "Maintain Server -> Insight Diagnostics", this will test your disk and report if any abnormal thing is happening.
With first option you can analyze RAID array, and percent of rebuild.

Attention rebuild time depends from array capacity, also disk RPM speed.
One old rate I think it was 15 MB per minute if I am not wrong.
Alert last case - If you have Raid 5 and you are sure that you have at least two good disks, shutdown system, take out the ex-failed disk, mark it at boot as failed, shutdown again at put the new one, at start indicate as new and rebuild.

About failed disk without report is difficult to say but some disk have hard errors but not enough to report failed at system.

Important - If you are not sure, be aware, as wrong operation could destroy your information, report all to be sure

Hope it helps

Re: P410 Replace failing drive while rebuilding

The controller P410 is a Smart Array controller, which enables hot-plug replacement. But hot-plug feature depends on the drive that is installed. If this feature is supported on the drive, then the defective drive can be removed and the replacement drive be placed in its place while the server is on and it need not be rebooted and the defective drive be marked manually defective. This is done automatically by the smart array controller itself. Before replacement, ensure that there is working backup of the server’s data.






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