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P410 (not i): replace HDD with non matching model?

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P410 (not i): replace HDD with non matching model?



we've got a legacy ML350G6 which has a P410 RAID controller in it. We've a RAID 1 on it with to identical HDD's. Now we have seen some failures with this specific HDD model and we want to replace it with another HDD model of the same capacity. The plan looks like this:


1) Pull drive 1 and replace against new model

2) Wait for rebuild

3) Pull drive 2 and replace

3) Wait for rebuild

4) done


Will this work? Is it possible to have non identical drives in the same RAID at least for transition? We think it should be but we don't want to take any risks...


Thanks! Oliver

Jimmy Vance

Re: P410 (not i): replace HDD with non matching model?

As long as the drive is the same capacity or larger it will work fine.  The only rule is it must be the same interface i.e. SAS - SAS or SATA - SATA, you can't mix them in an array.


My standard disclaimer, whenever messing around with an array, be sure you have the data backed up


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