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P410i - DL360 G6 - ESXi 5.5 crash - controller failure ?

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P410i - DL360 G6 - ESXi 5.5 crash - controller failure ?

Hello to everyone,


Today one of my DL360 G6 experienced a "purple screen" (esxi 5.5 hp + applied all patches). Once i restarted the server i noticed a possible problem with the controller (check attachments). Was wondering if anyone could have any ideas regarding the esxi crash or the controller message.


Thank you in advance


Re: P410i - DL360 G6 - ESXi 5.5 crash - controller failure ?



It could be the controller failure or even the attached Cache module and battery.

Switch off the server and remove the Cache Module and test the server.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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Re: P410i - DL360 G6 - ESXi 5.5 crash - controller failure ?

 Thanks for the reply. The thing is that the server is colocated and doing such tests are quite costy since i need to hire a technician to perform any operation and we all know that things that they can do in 5 minutes turns into hours just for the sake of charging.  For example , to test the cache removal , would cost me an average 120$. I was thinking that it could be better if i would just go ahead and buy a P410 card (with new cache/battery) and send it to be installed on the server.


Btw , this crash seems to happen like once a month , it happened 26 days ago and again yesterday (for now i've changed power settings from Balanced to High Performance in esxi configuration , tho i guess it has nothing to do with the controller).


Is there a way to test/software-way if the controller and/or cache is faulty ?

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Re: P410i - DL360 G6 - ESXi 5.5 crash - controller failure ?

You can ssh into the esxi console and use the /opt/hp/hpacucli/bin/hpacucli program ! you can query the card and check status!




BTW, you are right, it would be cheaper to replace the whole card with a (NOS,USED) P410/FBWC model than pay $120/hour to guess the issue!

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Re: P410i - DL360 G6 - ESXi 5.5 crash - controller failure ?

Hi there,


I had what I think is the same purple screen - also with a newly built HP host with lastest ESXi 5.5 (see attach)

I logged a case with Vmware and uploaded the logs. they came back with:




This is a known issue affecting VMware ESXi 5.x running on HP servers.


To resolve the issue, PLease apply the updated HPSA driver provided by HP using



For your reference:



I had the HP Vibs depot loading in my update manager, but at time of writing didn't have the driver required:

So I downloaded it and created a manual baseline and remediated my hosts.


Its only been about 1 week, but no purple screen yet.