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P410i low read performance with RAID

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P410i low read performance with RAID

I have ml350 g6 with p410i and 512MB bbwc,

I have Firmware Version: 5.70. It is last version.


I have 6x SATA HDD 3,5 (LFF). Even there is no activity (i/o) on server HDD green lights flashing step by step begining from bay 1 ending bay 6. It happens also when is activity on server (i/o).

This happens every 1 minute.

When HDDs are blinking like this, I get momentary low  read performance with RAID. (I'm using server for file hosting).

 Here is read benchmark from CentOS 6.2 X64. I pointed it with read. This pointed block can be seen at the start of benchmark, in the middle or at the end. In all case it hase same form.

HDD's are new and I cheked them, SMART is ok, I tasted each one under windows, conected them via SATA and made benchmarks, hdd-s are ok the heve no problems. 


Please help to solve this problem.


Re: P410i low read performance with RAID



What is the RAID level?


Blinking LEDs could be due to rebuilding or ACU is being opened or could be some background activity.


would you be able to share the ADU report for further analysis.




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Re: P410i low read performance with RAID

Rebuild is completed long time ago. I tested raid on windows too, it is same.



Here it is:



Smart Array P410i in Slot 0 (Embedded)
Bus Interface: PCI
Slot: 0
Serial Number: 50014380177DDF20
Cache Serial Number: PAAWRID1146148X
RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Enabled
Controller Status: OK
Hardware Revision: C
Firmware Version: 5.70
Rebuild Priority: High
Expand Priority: Medium
Surface Scan Delay: 15 secs
Surface Scan Mode: Idle
Queue Depth: Automatic
Monitor and Performance Delay: 60 min
Elevator Sort: Enabled
Degraded Performance Optimization: Disabled
Inconsistency Repair Policy: Disabled
Wait for Cache Room: Disabled
Surface Analysis Inconsistency Notification: Disabled
Post Prompt Timeout: 15 secs
Cache Board Present: True
Cache Status: OK
Cache Ratio: 75% Read / 25% Write
Drive Write Cache: Disabled
Total Cache Size: 512 MB
Total Cache Memory Available: 400 MB
No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
Cache Backup Power Source: Batteries
Battery/Capacitor Count: 1
Battery/Capacitor Status: OK
SATA NCQ Supported: True



I think that when raid is working and it is not in idle mode, smart controller strats checking every disk momentaly, begining from one, ending to 6. because of that i have this king of performanes problem.

I made real time benchmarking on windows an saw that whet hdd-s beging blinking in  every 60 seconds, when performanse is goning down, an after performance is good, and after 60 again and again.

I think raid controller is checking smarts of hdds every 60 second. How can i turn of this?

I even tested only 1x 300 GB HP sas dual port, it hase same performanse lost every 60 seconds, and hdd- light is blinkig same way at this moment.