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P420I Raid Config issue

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P420I Raid Config issue

I came across a intresting issue and hope someone can shed some light on this for me.

I have a DL380 which has an Internal P420i which runs the 8.32(C) firmware which is installed on the  Server. A few weeks ago i had the need to use a temp flash drive on another DL380 with a P420I which runs same firmware on controller. I n my case i needit to hot plug a spare drive which was this SSD and configured it via VMWARE CLI as a raid 0. The version of that software running on my ESXI 7.0.1 is 8.32(d) or so. All worked fine but when i now want to plug this drive into my other server and configure it i get the folowing error.


Smart Array P420i in Embedded Slot cannot be configured. The controller contains a logical drive that was created with a newer version of the Array Configuration tools. Please obtain the latest version of the Array Configuration tools to configure this controller.


So what can i do in this case ? How do i get a newer version of the config tool and if thats not posible how do i clear the SSD from any raid config info ?


Re: P420I Raid Config issue


1. You will not get the data If you remove the hard disk from the server which is configured with raid 0 and want to put another server 

2.You need to update the SSA (Smart storage administrator)and try, if the issue still persists follow step 3.

Update the SSA from the Intelligent Provisioning

** CRITICAL ** Intelligent Provisioning for Gen9 Servers

HPE Smart Storage Administrator (HPE SSA) for Windows 64-bit

Please let me know if the issue still persists.

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