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P420i Controller Issue

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P420i Controller Issue

I have a ProLiant ML50p Gen8 that I purchased refurbished and so far it has been a great server for my lab.  However, when I first configured it, I configured RAID 1  with the first 2 drives and now I am wanting to undo the RAID.  The server has a P420i controller and during the boot process, I can either hit F8, F5 or ESC.  Hitting F8 takes me into the Option ROM Configuration for Arrays (ORCA) utility but I am unable to delete the RAID.  Pressing F5 should take me into the HP Array Configuration Utility )ACU) but it doesn't and that is where I need to be to reconfigure the RAID.

How else can I reconfigure the RAID and why am I unable to get into the ACU?

All drivers and BIOS are up to date.

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Re: P420i Controller Issue

I was able to work this out by leveraging the P420i CLI through ESXi.


Re: P420i Controller Issue


Gen8 onwards ACU has been replaced with HPE SSA (HPE Smart StorageAdministrator) utility for configuring array.

You can access HPE SSA from Intelligent provisioning, press F10 during POST to start Intelligent Provisioninng then invoke HPE SSA.

F10->Intelligent Provisioning->HPE Smart StorageAdministrator

From SSA User Guide

Launching HPE SSA with Intelligent Provisioning (Gen8 or later)
1. Boot the server.
2. Press F10 to launch Intelligent Provisioning.
3. At the main screen, select Perform Maintenance.
4. At the Maintenancescreen, select HPE Smart Storage Administrator (SSA).

The system launches the HPE SSA GUI.

Launching HPE SSA during POST (Gen8 or later)
For Gen8 servers:
1. Boot the server.During POST, the system recognizes devices.
2. When the system recognizes a Smart Array controller, press F5.
The system launches the HPE SSA GUI, or if you are using Serial Console, the system launches the HPE SSA CLI


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Re: P420i Controller Issue

I had the same issue with a DL380p Gen8. i have the p420i card except when i enter intelligent provisioning i only get the older ACU option.

No matter what i have tried i cannot update to SSA.

What am i missing?



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Re: P420i Controller Issue


I think you should conider creating a new topic instead to get a response


Re: P420i Controller Issue

Are you using the latest SPP?