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P440ar Cache Status Details is Cable Error

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P440ar Cache Status Details is Cable Error

Hello , I found the server which I maintain blinks the diagnose LED Light in the front of panel. Then I check SSA CLI it shows the following status, what possible root cause it could be? Can someone provide following steps I can do? 

Thanls a lot.

=> ctrl slot=0 show detail

Smart Array P440ar in Slot 0 (Embedded)
Bus Interface: PCI
Slot: 0
Serial Number: PDNLH0BRH9HIUA
Cache Serial Number: PDNLH0BRH9HIUA
RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Enabled
Controller Status: OK
Hardware Revision: B
Firmware Version: 3.00-0
Rebuild Priority: High
Expand Priority: Medium
Surface Scan Delay: 3 secs
Surface Scan Mode: Idle
Parallel Surface Scan Supported: Yes
Current Parallel Surface Scan Count: 1
Max Parallel Surface Scan Count: 16
Queue Depth: Automatic
Monitor and Performance Delay: 60 min
Elevator Sort: Enabled
Degraded Performance Optimization: Disabled
Inconsistency Repair Policy: Disabled
Wait for Cache Room: Disabled
Surface Analysis Inconsistency Notification: Disabled
Post Prompt Timeout: 15 secs
Cache Board Present: True
Cache Status: Permanently Disabled
Cache Status Details: Cable Error
Cache Disable Reason: Temporary disable condition: The cache has been disable
d because the controller detected a cable error to the centralized backup power
Drive Write Cache: Disabled
Total Cache Size: 2.0
Total Cache Memory Available: 1.8
No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
SSD Caching RAID5 WriteBack Enabled: True
SSD Caching Version: 2
Cache Backup Power Source: Batteries
Battery/Capacitor Count: 1
Battery/Capacitor Status: OK
SATA NCQ Supported: True
Spare Activation Mode: Activate on physical drive failure (default)
Controller Temperature (C): 62
Cache Module Temperature (C): 42
Number of Ports: 2 Internal only
Encryption: Not Set
Express Local Encryption: False
Driver Name: HpCISSS3.sys
Driver Version: Pass 4
Driver Supports SSD Smart Path: True
PCI Address (Domain:Bus:Device.Function): 0000:03:00.0
Negotiated PCIe Data Rate: PCIe 3.0 x8 (7880 MB/s)
Controller Mode: RAID
Pending Controller Mode: RAID
Port Max Phy Rate Limiting Supported: False
Latency Scheduler Setting: Disabled
Current Power Mode: MaxPerformance
Survival Mode: Enabled
Host Serial Number: SGH545VTHS
Sanitize Erase Supported: False
Primary Boot Volume: None
Secondary Boot Volume: None


Re: P440ar Cache Status Details is Cable Error


Good Day !!!!

Probably the cache settings you are choosing are not supported. Check the battery status. If the battery has failed or the charge level is not high enough the controller will disable the cache.

Try reseating the cache module. Be careful, you must shutdown and power off the server, remove the P440ar, remove the battery and then reseat the cache module. Put everything back in reverse order and ensure all components are firmly inserted.

Or Follow below HPE Customer Advisory

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Re: P440ar Cache Status Details is Cable Error

Thank your post, l’ll try it later!
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Re: P440ar Cache Status Details is Cable Error


Have you been able to solve this issue?

I have a ML110Gen9 with Smart array P440 and the 96Wr Battery cell. I have the same issue where the battery is properly seen by ILO with status Good, but the Smart Array disable the cache module saying there is a cable error, exactly in the same way as in the logs posted by the op.

What could i do?

Thanks in advance