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P4xx(i) with Intel's X-25E / any sollutions/ideas?

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P4xx(i) with Intel's X-25E / any sollutions/ideas?

I do know HP Smart Arrays officially doesn't support "3rd party drives" so don't bother beeping about that. As soon as HP puts out they drives in this category this topic will be irrelevant.

I've tried few different combination's and to me it seems P400/P400i/P800 (and P410i?) aren't fully compatible with Intel X-25E drives. So far got two issues:

1. Sometimes during boot controller detects (it seems random) drive as bad/replaceable, after re enabling disks everything works fine. Any ideas on ways to fix this issue (fw is up to date with ones from web).

2. 6 disks / raid 10 configuration / read only cache . under heavy io load controller seems to "lock up". So far experienced that only twice.

Same disks work fine when used in Intel "OEM servers" at our test/development environment.
So far on P410i issue with lock up haven't been experienced, but maybe because they aren't as common in my environment.

Similar setup was tested with "other hw vendors" and haven't seen such issues so far, done only few test runs (>1day) on those. In tests we used their drives, which seems to be same X-25E (hadn't chance to look into fw versions on those).

So the "Question"

Any ideas how to add SSDs to DL3xx series? I just hope I'm wrong about compatibility and there is (or will be coming out soon) some "magical" firmware for those P400(i)/P800 which fixes those issues.
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Re: P4xx(i) with Intel's X-25E / any sollutions/ideas?

take a look at the comments on this article, seems pretty much what u got


Re: P4xx(i) with Intel's X-25E / any sollutions/ideas?


I am not sure if its the same kind of "lockup" we are talking about but sometimes you get a controller loclup withh a post error message. To solve this you have to take apart controller/cache module/battery and reseat it again. If you still have the controller lockup error the cache module/battery needs to be replaced
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Re: P4xx(i) with Intel's X-25E / any sollutions/ideas?

well lockup -> means no data from smart array is passed to system at least os drivers can't communicate with hw .. after reset everything works fine
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Re: P4xx(i) with Intel's X-25E / any sollutions/ideas?

That anandtech article is where I am now already with other vendors. I want to go into same happy DB boxes land with my HP boxes.