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P800 + MSA70 slow write speed

Yalcin Karabulut
Occasional Visitor

P800 + MSA70 slow write speed


I buyed a new MSA70 and a P800 512MB BBWC RAID Controller with 18 x 146GB 2.5 Disks. I was very excited and decide to set it up on this weekend with a ML150 G3.

I updated all drivers and Firmwares, even the one for the drives itself. Created a RAID 10 Array with all 18 drives and let a read/write test run.

Even with the Cache on the Controller (full battery, cache enabled and OK), i get a disappointed write speed of about 200MB/sec?! Can this be real? Writing data on 9 drives simultaneos only gets 200MB/sec? But im very happy with the read speed of over 1000MB/sec.

I changed the cache parameter to 100% write and 0% read, but get more or less the same results.

I heard about RAID 10 systems with 8 SATA harddisk and a read/write speed of about 500MB?!

i will get more harddisk next week, at the end i will have a MSA70 with 25 drives on a RAID 10 and one HotSpare.

Is it unrealistic to expect a write speed of 500MB/sec from a MSA70 and a P800 with 24 drives on a RAID 10?

What can i do to increase the write speed?

kind regards