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P800 Raid Card Not Recognized

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P800 Raid Card Not Recognized

I ordered 2 P800 raid cards off ebay and installed them in my server, but they aren't being recognized.  I tried updating the server firmware using the 10.1 firmware update DVD, but that didnt help.  On the outside chance that a P800 raid controller wasn't supported by my DL120 G6, i grabbed one of my DL380 G6 boxes out of my rack and tried installing it in there.  The 380 wont even finish posting, just hangs on the last portion of the post bar and sits there.


Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong?  I have a DL380 G5 server with a P800 card in it attached to an MSA60, and had zero issues getting that installed.  Any help would be appreciated



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Re: P800 Raid Card Not Recognized



I found that your P800 Raid Controller is not compatible with DL120 G6 Server according to HP Product Bulletin handbook.


But HP DL380 G6 is compatible with P800 Raid Controller which PN is 381513-B21.


If your DL380 won't startup please check your P800 if installed in correct PCI-E X8 Bus Slot and no loose connection.




Good luck!


Re: P800 Raid Card Not Recognized



Try this in DL380 G6:

The Smart Array P800 is a full-length, full-height card, and the only slot that can accommodate this card is PCIe slot 1.
If the PCIe-only riser is installed, the Smart Array P800 can also be installed in the x16 PCIe slot 4.

If still the cards does not work, I would assume that both the cards are bad.


Thank You!
I am a HP employee.

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