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P812 Solaris ACU CLI No Controllers Detected

Occasional Advisor

P812 Solaris ACU CLI No Controllers Detected

We have a DL180 G6 with a P812 running Nexenta (based on Solaris)


The stock cpqary3 driver which Solaris include detected the P812 fine and it's connected MSA70 storage shelf.


#  modinfo | grep cpqary3
 76 fffffffff7d70000   a840 219   1  cpqary3 (HP Smart Array Driver)



We are unable to get any version of the Solaris HP ACU CLI to detect the P812 Controller.


We have an identical server setup with a P410 controller and after installing the CPQary3 driver version 2.7 from HP the ACU CLI detects the P410 controller fine.


If we install the same version 2.7 CPQary3 driver on the server with the P812 controller will the driver detect it?

I can't see the P812 in the drivers supported card list but the older Solaris provided driver above detects the P812 fine.


Can we install the 2.7 driver while the server is running and serving iScsi storage to about 80 VMs without rebooting?

Will installing the driver affect IO in a way that would cause the VMs to crash?


The servers OS also runs off the P812 so would the OS crash while the new driver is installed?


Can we bring this new driver online without a reboot?


We want to avoid rebooting this server if at all possible because bringing down 80 VMs is not trivial and requires a lot of planning and contacting customers etc.


Any advise or ideas on another way to get an ACU CLI working with the current running driver wqould be much appreciated.