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P822+Dl360p+P2000 G3

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P822+Dl360p+P2000 G3

Good day!

We have DL360p G8 + P822(1Gb cache) + P420i + P2000 G3 SAS
When we coonect cables (1 or 4) from P2000 G3 to P822, server hangs on "Power and Thermal Calibration" screen,
then show error:
1783-Slot 2 Drive Array Controller Failure
(Self-test failure (cmd=0h, err=00h, lockup=0DEAD:DEADh)

and then in Windows 2019 our P822 doesn't work. "Failed in Device Manager".

We disconnected cables from P822, load Windows 2019 and connect cables to P822 - all ok.
We can see our P2000 G3 in Windows 2019, can access to disks, etc.

We replaced P822 on antoher P822 - same situation. We replaced cache module,capacitor - same situation.
We switched P822 to HBA mode \ RAID mode.

What else we can do?


P822 Firmware 8.32

=> ctrl slot=2 show config detail

Smart Array P822 in Slot 2
Bus Interface: PCI
Slot: 2
Serial Number: PDVTF0BRH9N09S
Cache Serial Number: PBKUC0BRH5B865
RAID 6 (ADG) Status: Enabled
Controller Status: OK
Hardware Revision: B
Firmware Version: 8.32-0
Wait for Cache Room: Disabled
Surface Analysis Inconsistency Notification: Disabled
Post Prompt Timeout: 0 secs
Cache Board Present: True
Cache Status: Not Configured
Drive Write Cache: Disabled
Total Cache Size: 1024 MB
Total Cache Memory Available: 816 MB
No-Battery Write Cache: Disabled
SSD Caching RAID5 WriteBack Enabled: False
SSD Caching Version: 1
SATA NCQ Supported: True
Spare Activation Mode: Activate on physical drive failure (default)
Controller Temperature (C): 79
Cache Module Temperature (C): 43
Number of Ports: 6 (2 Internal / 4 External )
Driver Name: HpCISSS3.sys
Driver Version:
Driver Supports SSD Smart Path: True
PCI Address (Domain:Bus:Device.Function): 0000:07:00.0
Host Serial Number: USE2150W6M
Sanitize Erase Supported: False
Primary Boot Volume: None
Secondary Boot Volume: None


Re: P822+Dl360p+P2000 G3

If the issue is observed only when booting the server with the Cable connected to the P822 from the P2000 G3, we recommend to schedule an outage for the complete setup & remove the controllers on the P2000 G3 & reseat them firmly again.

Reseat the SAS cables between the P822 & P2000 G3. Turn on the P2000 G3 first, wait for all the disks to be initialized completely & then turn on the server.

Verify the firmware versions of the Server components including the P822 & the P2000 G3, if required, update the firmware.

If the issue is observed even after the replacement of the P822 controller, it is possible that the issue may be due to a firmware on the System Board. Hence, we recommend to upgrade the firmware of all the components of the server & the P2000 G3.

Please write back for any further clarification.

Thank you

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