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PCI Slot to PCI number mapping - DL585G2

John Naysmith
Occasional Visitor

PCI Slot to PCI number mapping - DL585G2

DL585G2 question.

Anyone aware of a way to find out which PCI slot corresponds to which card and port number and then it's assigned PCI numbering ? Especially if you have multiple cards of the same type?

I can see the PCI slot number and the type of card from the bios, but not which PCI number has been assigned.

Installing vmware esx 2.5.4 and looking at hwconfig shows me the PCI numbering - E.G. -
devicenames.076:00.0.nic = "vmnicX"
devicenames.076:00.1.nic = "vmnicX"
devicenames.079:00.0.nic = "vmnicX"
devicenames.079:00.1.nic = "vmnicX"

I can find it the long way round by installing the HP agents and looking at the system management homepage, which identifies the PCI slot and the vmnic number. But it doesn;t contain the PCI bus numbering, so you have to refer this back to the hwconfig.

Any assiatance appreciated.